After a two month separation following twenty-five years of marriage, Maria Shriver has taken another big step toward officially ending her relationship with action star/ former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. A source close to the couple has revealed she's filing for divorce and will cite irreconcilable differences. Once considered one of the more famous and stable celebrity couples, Arnold and Maria's union has come unraveled thanks to Schwarzenegger's philandering. The action star fathered a love child with the family's maid, and then kept the affair secret for years, only acknowledging in the last few months that he'd been surreptitiously supporting the kid for years.

According to People, Shriver's legal petition reportedly seeks joint custody of the children, which, if you're keeping score at home, means she clearly doesn't think her husband's poor behavior affects his abilities as a father. That's a great sign. Sometimes one parent really isn't fit to have contact with the children, but more often than not, it's far better for kids to have two involved parents. It's nice to see Maria can put aside her hurt feelings enough to see that.

Right now, the prospects don't look good for any type of resolution. The lying, the affair and the illegitimate child have put too much strain on this once formidable union, but there's no telling whether today's hurt feelings will last into next month or next year. Couples work things out after filing for divorce all the time. Hell, sometimes they actually go through with the divorce and then get remarried. To paraphrase Seinfeld, you never bet against the backslide.

So, all that begs the question, do you think this separation will last or do you think Maria and Arnold will give it a go again at some point in the future? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

How Long Until They Try Again?

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