Maria Shriver May Take Arnold Schwarzenegger Back

By Mack Rawden 2011-12-26 11:55:29
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When news of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s extramarital affair and love child emerged, there seemed little hope that he and Maria Shriver could fix the marriage. His indiscretion was so pronounced and the media coverage was so excessive that a divorce seemed inevitable. By the time she did officially file, it was barely even a shock, but now, it seems predictions of the union’s demise may have been premature.

TMZ is reporting that Maria Shriver may be questioning her decision to file for divorce. The outlet has quoted sources near her as saying she’s been openly mulling over the possibility of taking the big lug back. Her religious beliefs on the sanctity of marriage are also reportedly playing a part in her willingness to reconsider, as are Arnold’s continued attempts to win her back.

The action star and former governor has made no secret about his continued love for Maria. The affair that led to the end of the marriage happened more than a decade prior to the separation, but the cover-up was a continual process. Sometimes it’s just better to fess up immediately and hope for the best.

Shortly after announcing their separation, Shriver bought her own home not far from Arnold’s. The couple planned to continue to raise their children as a team, but if a reconciliation happens, there won’t be any need to shuffle back and forth. In fact, there won’t even be need for another house. Don’t look for her to sell it immediately though. If and when she does unload it, that’ll be the ultimate sign that the marriage is back on.
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