A little more than a week ago, some of Mariah Yeater’s text messages were made public in which she implored a friend to convince her ex-boyfriend that he needed to be in their baby’s life. The correspondence was not only a media relations nightmare, it was a sad look into the mentally state of a single mother who desperately wanted help raising her child. Most accounts seem to agree the ex-boyfriend in question blew off the plea and denied he conceived the kid, which led to Yeater’s accusations against Justin Bieber. Now, that ex-boyfriend, Robbie Powell, has finally come forward to admit he’s the father, but unfortunately, his change of heart seems to have come for all the wrong reasons.

According to TMZ, Powell claims he’s sick of Yeater exploiting their child for monetary gain, but apparently, to remedy the situation, he’s in talks with several news outlets to sell his story for monetary gain. A couple weeks ago, it didn’t seem possible Mariah Yeater could have taken the moral high ground on anyone, but Powell’s hypocrisy seems a bit reprehensible, especially if you ask Yeater’s lawyer. Here’s what her attorney had to say…
"If Robbie Powell actually believes and claims he is the father, I suggest he contact me directly. Litigating this case in the media and bypassing Mariah's legal team only perpetuates the three-ring circus and accomplishes nothing as I see it."

I couldn’t agree more. Yeater has definitely used the media to her own advantage also, but at least she was a scared, unemployed girl with nowhere to turn. Powell could have prevented this entire thing if he’d just taken responsibility when his ex-girlfriend first got pregnant. If he didn’t think it was his kid and wanted a DNA test, that’s one thing, but now we’re supposed to believe he’s known he’s been the father the whole time.

This whole thing is incredibly sad, most of all for this poor kid who, in all likelihood, will have to be raised by Yeater and Powell.



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