Marilyn Monroe Did Not Have An Affair With JFK

By Celeb Stink 10 years ago
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MARILYN MONROE only had a one night stand with US President JOHN F KENNEDY and not an affair, according to a new biography of the screen beauty. In his book MARILYN MONROE: AS IT WAS, AS IT HAPPENED, writer KEITH BADMAN claims the pair could not have conducted a significant relationship because their schedules rarely overlapped.

However, Badman believes Monroe and Kennedy did spend the night together at BING CROSBY's home in Palm Springs, California on 24 March 1962. He writes: "If you examine the president's and Marilyn's separate itineraries, as I've done, that's the only time they could feasibly have been together alone as, apart from that, their schedules simply didn't match up. "That day, on the 24th, JFK had one meeting at 11am and then had the rest of the day off. He went to Crosby's house and Marilyn was also there. "But was it an affair? No. A quick fling? Yes."

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