The best Christmas celebrations don’t always come with the biggest, shiniest gifts. They don’t always come with some grandiose moral lesson about family, just as they don’t always come with a lack of stress. Sometimes the best Christmases are those that take a little planning, but ultimately lead to a pleasant and close moment with the people you care about most. Such seems to be the case with Matthew McConaughey, whose planning paid off big time this year.

On December 25, The Lincoln Lawyer actor asked long-time girlfriend and model Camila Alves to marry him. Later that day, McConaughey himself broke the news on his Whosay account, featuring a picture of him kissing his lovely new fiancé and a caption stating, “Just asked Camila to marry me, Merry Christmas.” Though there is no current news on what Alves’ ring looks like, I’m sure it was burning a hole in the actor’s back pocket until he worked up the nerve to ask her.

Alves and McConaughey’s courtship has not really run the traditional course. According to People, the couple’s relationship has been public since 2007. They began having children soon after. At this juncture, McConaughey has had two children with his longtime partner, a three year-old boy named Levi, and a nearly 2 year-old daughter named Vida. McConaughey has previously stated the mother of his children is the love of his life, and it seems this Christmas was the right moment to put a ring on it. Best wishes to the happy couple in the coming months of wedding planning.



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