There’s nothing like in-fighting over a tribute to honor a deceased love one, and there’s nothing quite like a Jackson family smackdown. Combine the two together, and you’re bound to have a sordid affair. Until now, the bickering over the planned Michael Jackson concert in Wales on October 8th has maintained a level of civility, but the decision whether or not to allow the King of Pop’s kids to attend is threatening to push the whole thing over the edge.

A representative speaking for (most of) the Jackson family released a statement today discussing how excited the kids are to head to Europe and contribute in some way to the grand festivities. Not everyone is so pleased though. Brothers Jermaine and Randy have already told the press they find the timing of the celebration, during the trial of MJ’s doctor, to be troubling and insensitive. They’ve previously announced they won’t be attending, and according to TMZ, they’re fighting to keep Michael’s kids away too.

I get being displeased about the concert date. It does seem a little odd to honor someone’s memory at the same time as a man is being accused of misdeeds in said person’s death, but this concert is moving forward. Regardless of the brothers’ wishes, almost a hundred thousand screaming Michael Jackson fans will show up to pay their respects to the fallen legend. There’s no telling when or if another event like this will occur, and it seems to me that MJ’s kids should have the right to attend.

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Should Michael Jackson's Kids Attend The Concert?

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