Michael Lohan Out Of Jail After Domestic Violence Arrest

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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There are more people famous for confusing reasons right now than at any point in history. With the advent of the twenty-four hour news cycle, more and more humans are passing for news worthy than ever before. Case and point: Michael Lohan, the parent of a celebrity he barely even speaks to. Heís been dangling over irrelevancy for what seems like five years, but through his own outlandish behavior, he keeps barely hanging on. Hereís a good reason why.

The trainwreck was released from jail earlier today after being hit with domestic violence charges. His girlfriend, Kate Major, told authorities he got physical after she, of all things, refused to give him a blowjob. Of course, heís publicly claiming innocence, but TMZ ran some pictures yesterday Major is claiming show the extent of the damage. Theyíre not exactly stomach-churning, but clearly, something went down.

If that wasnít enough, Lohan was also blindsided by more legal action while he was awaiting release. His ex-wife Dina filed paperwork claiming he hasnít paid child support. The fifty-one year old hasnít answered to those charges yet, but something tells me heíll continue his streak of denials.

Thereís no word yet on whether Lohan will wind up pleading out on any of this, but with stints in both rehab and jail before, it seems unlikely the court would look kindly upon him. Weíll bring you the details when they become available.
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