Jason Wu is set to join the long line of designers who have created everyday fashion for Target. Like Zac Posen, Alexander McQueen, and Michael Kors, and Missoni before him, Wu will bring limited edition women’s wear to stores. It should be a compliment the 29 year-old Taiwanese-American designer has partnered with Target. The young designer only launched his first line back in 2006 featuring whimsical, flowy apparel. Since then, Wu has been known for dressing Michelle Obama from the inaugural balls the night the President was sworn in to a 2009 cover issue of Vogue feature the First Lady.

According to Fox News, the Target line will feature handbags and women’s wear that according to Wu will go “for a great price.”

I don’t think anyone will complain when designers choose to create affordable options in their signature styles. However, some designers spend a lot more time with the product than others. Missoni spent over a year coming up with affordable knitwear pieces for Target. No doubt Wu’s collection will be much smaller in scale, but, even so, his collection is set to street on February 5, a scant five months from now.

When you are working with less material and cheaper material it takes a lot of extra effort to pull off the desired effect. That being said, I’m excited for Wu’s collection. Hopefully in a few short months he will manage to create a great line that won't break Target’s site like Missoni did.

You can check out Target’s teaser trailer, below.



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