A few days ago, Mila Kunis was asked to the Marine Ball via YouTube by Sergeant Scott Moore. The eighteen second clip was widely covered, and the internet nearly malfunctioned amidst interested parties wondering whether the actress would accept the military invitation. I asked readers whether she should go in a recent question of the day and nearly eighty percent answered in the affirmative. Well, her response is finally in. Mila has taken Sergeant Scott Moore up on his offer.

According to Fox News, Justin Timberlake played a huge role in ascertaining the yes, repeatedly telling Kunis she needed to do it “for (her) country”. She agreed, before immediately asking the former N Sync singer if he'd go too. “They don't want me. They want you,” he responded, no doubt with a huge smile on his face.

This is why you swing for the fences, kids. You might strike out ninety-nine times, but every now and again, miraculous contact does happen. This brave marine is going to take Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina. Something tells me he'll get a lot of high-fives out of this.

You can take a look again at his proposal below…



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