The hunt for Mindy McCready and her five-year-old son Zander is over. The troubled country singer and her child were found hiding in the closet of a vacant home in Arkansas Friday evening, just a day after mom violated a court order to return the boy to his legal guardian, her mother. McCready was not arrested for the kidnapping incident, but she still may face charges at some point in the future. Authorities are currently making plans to bring Zander back to Florida. He’s reportedly in good health, but it seems likely the strange incident took some sort of toll.

McCready’s visit with her son was scheduled to end on Tuesday at 5 PM, but she never dropped the boy off. A missing persons report was filed, which prompted the musician to call police and let them know they were in Tennessee. She was advised to head back to Florida immediately, but McCready refused on the grounds that she was seven months pregnant. When Thursday’s deadline passed, a judge ruled the boy should be taken into custody. That led to the manhunt that ended last night.

According to CBS, the vacant house the two were found in is near a property owned by McCready’s current boyfriend. Neighbors reportedly saw lights on and phoned the police, though whether they knew who was inside remains unclear. The singer herself is maintaining she’s done nothing wrong and needed to take the boy because he was being abused. Even if that’s true, it certainly seems like there are better ways to go about proving it.

We’ll keep you updated as this mess works itself out.



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