A year and a half ago, the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and the puck that scored the game-winning overtime goal went missing. A full investigation was launched. Every television angle was broken down and all the suspects were interviewed. We just can’t stand to see a piece of memorabilia up and vanish into thin air, but this is a recent phenomenon. Even twenty years ago, many trinkets of potential interest were just put and away and forgotten—like the Fonz’s motorcycle.

Originally procured for Henry Winkler’s character by stuntman Bud Ekins, it was used throughout Happy Days’ run before it was just given back in 1984. It collected dust for awhile before Ekins sold it in 1995 as a cool bike rather than a storied prop. It has remained in the back of Marshall Ehlers’ Oakland motorcycle shop ever since, but now it’s headed to auction where some estimates are predicting it could fetch almost one hundred thousand dollars. Not bad for something that no longer even works.

According to The Daily Mail, the auction will be held in Los Angeles on November 12th. In a perfect, world I will be watching a Pawn Stars episode in February where Chum is given one hundred thousand dollars to go buy this motorcycle and turn it over to the American Restorations guy to make it look how it once did. I won’t hold my breath though. There are plenty of crazed Happy Days fans out there, and I wouldn’t be shocked if bidding surpassed these initial prices.



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