Mythbusters Cannonball Chaos, More Funny Or Scary?

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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You can only perform so many wacky experiments before something seriously goes wrong. Thatís the lesson the Mythbusters guys have found out after accidentally firing a rogue cannonball through a minivan and two separate homes. As per their routine of crazy activities, Adam and Jamie were in Dublin, California to test a myth involving a cannonball. Theyíd approved the activity ahead of time and had been given usage of a local bomb range. Barrels of water and a cinder block were set up in front of a hill to slow the pirate-ish weapon down, but something went haywire after the weapon fired.

According to CBS, the projectile veered off cause and went into the residential neighborhood where it broke what must seem like half a block. Thankfully, no one was injured. One man reportedly exited the doomed minivan just minutes before it became the cannonballís final resting place, but heís apparently more shook up than anything else. Also feeling the effect, probably whoever Mythbusters has insurance with. All this property damage canít be cheap.

Still, with no one injured, many on the internet are having a pretty good laugh at the absurdity of the incident. Itís not like cannonball damage has been a problem anytime in the past century. Thereís a lot thatís inherently funny about this story, but thereís also a lot thatís really scary. Discovery Channel kinda dodged a cannonball here, and itís entirely possible more safety measures will be put into the show.

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