Nene Leakes' Son Busted For Stealing At Wal-Mart

By Mack Rawden 2011-07-08 13:42:18
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The truth is always in the details. Tell me someone killed her husband, and I'll want to know what led up to the crime. Was she out for the insurance money? A victim of spousal abuse? Inept at loading a firearm? These details are imperative to my understanding and varying degrees of judgmental reactions. No charge or felony conviction tells the whole story, which is why I'm at a loss on how to report this next story until I get more details.

Bryson Bryant, the son of reality star Nene Leakes, was arrested last night by Wal-Mart security after he was caught pilfering merchandise. When police went through his pockets, they found two razors, both retailing for fourteen dollars. According to TMZ, the incident happened at about 9 PM at a Georgia branch of the retail superstore. He was booked shortly thereafter and assumedly, released either with a small bail posting or on his own recognizance. I think I speak for everyone when I say what the hell happened? Was this for the thrill? Did he already go over five hundred dollars on his ATM for the day and then have a shaving emergency?

There are thieves and there are hooligans. I don't endorse either party, but I have a hell of a lot more respect for people in the first camp. If some dude breaks into a museum, disables some security cameras and gets caught sauntering off with a priceless Monet, then he deserves to be called a thief. I may not like his choices, but at least he puts time, energy and effort into accomplishing his goals, nefarious as they may be. Now, if that same dude rolled into Wal-Mart, shoved two razors in his pocket and didn't bother checking to see if security was on his tail, then I'd have no choice but to call him a hooligan.

I can't imagine there will be much jail time involved if Bryson Bryant ends up being convicted, but something tells me the unfortunate stain of getting popped for stealing Mach 3s at a Wal-Mart will be enough of a punishment.
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