Noel Says Liam Broke Up Oasis After Liam Said Noel Broke Up Oasis

By Brent Randall 2011-11-21 20:14:38
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While we donít all get along with each other in this world, many people donít have ďenemiesĒ. Sure a co-worker annoys you, or some jerk stole your girlfriend in high school, but you donít wake up every morning plotting their demise. When it comes to Liam and Noel Gallagher, best known for their band Oasis, they didnít have to look very far to find their enemy Ė or at least someone they really, really like to fight with.

In 2009, the on-again, off-again group broke up, and it seems like this one is going to stick for a while. Usually when band members sue each other it doesnít bode well for future creative endeavours. Originally, Noel said that it was Liamís fault the band broke up, as he was too hung over to perform a festival they were booked at. Liam responded by suing him over it, as he said that he was lying, and wanted an apology. Noel apologized, but now the Hollywood Reporter tells us that he has also filed his own lawsuit against his brother.

Noel says that the real reason the band broke up was because of a dispute over Liam wanting to advertise his clothing line, Pretty Green, in the bandís tour promotional materials. Noel also alleges that Liam ruined several gigs by getting drunk and fighting, but thatís to be expected when these guys are involved.

Itís nothing new to hear about the brothers from Oasis fighting with each other Ė maybe thatís what has driven their creativity over the years and made them so successful. Iím sure many people going to their shows were also drawn to the possibility of seeing one of the Gallaghers throw a bottle at the other. Until their next physical altercation, everyone will have to follow their legal fight.
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