Remember a few weeks ago when Big Boi said he’d be willing to get together with Andre 3000 for an Outkast reunion if the latter found the time? Well, this week the two men have something better than a "maybe" promise of reuniting, and all it took was a little charm from Frank Ocean to bring the former get the two men to perform on the same track. On Saturday, Ocean released his “Pink Matter” remix, a track he initially recorded with Andre 3000 for the album Channel Orange. On the remix, Big Boi also contributes to the verses.

Hip Hop-n-More has the track available for previewing, and honestly, Big Boi’s verse, while nice, doesn’t really add to the song as a whole. Still, it’s nice for Big Boi to keep putting himself out there and doing guest spots in songs, especially because it should help the artist, who recently released the album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, to stay in the public eye.

Outkast hasn’t released an album since 2006, when the two band members produced the Idlewild album together. Since then, the two men have often contributed to each others' solo endeavors, but that can’t be said of Big Boi’s most recent album, which prompted rumors the two had had a falling out. Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be the case, and Andre 3000 willing, we may see an Outkast reunion one day. The two are both so talented, and both sell better under the Outkast moniker than by themselves, so it really seems like it could be a win-win situation.



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