We all have friends who push us toward being better people. Then again, we all have friends who help us rationalize horrible ideas. When Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton started hanging out nearly five years ago, it became obvious fairly quickly that the pair weren't necessarily the best influences on each other. They hit up the town until all hours of the night, caroused with seedy characters and eventually, both found themselves regulars in Los Angeles court rooms. Then, as happens with a lot of friendships, Lohan and Hilton sort of drifted apart and did their own thing.

Now, the two have been spotted together twice in the last week. According to TMZ, they were even photographed hugging last night after having dinner at Palisades. Once upon a time, Lohan and Hilton were two young socialites partying it up in Hollywood, but neither is a spring chicken anymore. I think it's fair to say both have done a lot of growing up since the days each was regularly inebriated on the other's arm. Is it possible their friendship might be healthy now?

I wish I could blanketly say this was a great idea, but the truth is Lindsay Lohan is just weeks removed from a court-ordered house arrest. She's said repeatedly she wants to get her act together. Maybe Paris is the woman to help her do that. Then again, maybe she's a drinking buddy that will continually condone poor behavior. I have no idea what to think.

Are these two good for each other or will they once again push the other toward the edge? Vote in the poll below and let us know what you think…

Is It Wise For Paris And Lindsay To Hang Out?

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