Paul McDonald And Nikki Reed Will Marry Tomorrow

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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Former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald is set to marry his girlfriend Twilight actress Nikki Reed in a ceremony tomorrow. The specifics of the union have largely been kept secret, but one day ahead of the festivities, some details are starting to leak out.

According to E!, McDonaldís band, The Grand Magnolias, will play the wedding reception which will take place in Malibu. In case if you didnít watch this past season of Idol, the groomís band is actually pretty good. More often than not, when lead singers put their longtime supports on the backburner to audition for the judges, thereís pretty good reasons, but if given enough time, The Grand Magnolias could have potentially made it on their own.

McDonald and Reed first met in March at the premiere of Red Riding Hood. They started dating almost immediately, were engaged in June and now are set to marry tomorrow. I doubt thatís the ideal timetable either of their families would have set, but the two certainly seem in love every time theyíre spotted together in public.

Pop Blend would like to send out its sincerest well wishes to the soon to be married couple. Itís unlikely their wedding will attract anywhere near the attention of Kim and Krisí, but judging by the personalities of these two, I highly doubt they would have wanted the hoopla.
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