Podcap: Penn's Sunday School - Live From Boston, A Balls Grabbing Good Time

By Steve West 2 years ago
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The Podcap
Pennís Sunday School is not typically a live show, but this one was recorded in Boston with an audience, but without Michael Goudeau. Aside from allowing an audience to see the show, the dynamic doesnít change in the slightest. Well, a few great moments with audience questions and comments do pop up now and then. In general, this is an average episode of the show that starts with what would be a scandalous story to many, but is de rigeur for Penn.

Penn discusses his desire to warm up his very cold hands - we seem to still be trapped in dangerous, evil, global warming disproving, polar vortices here in the Northeast United States - utilizing the warmest parts of those around him. Not feeling it proper to ask a woman, he gets a giggling man to agree. But the man is surprised when Penn actually goes to cup his balls for warmth. Later in the podcast an audience member gets into a discussion with Penn on why he paints his pinky nail (for his mother), and then you just have to understand that the conversation on the show is organic. Maybe not natural, given most of the topics.

Next up the gang talks with a woman who is part of the Free State Project, which she explains is an initiative to get twenty thousand people to move to a selected state and try to make it a more ďliberty free place.Ē Right now theyíve selected New Hampshire, with some having already moved, and nearly fifteen thousand committed to joining. itís an interesting idea, but Iím not sure how much effective change theyíll bring about.

We get into a little political discussion in this episode, starting with the legalization of drugs. Penn talks about being the only non-smoker to appear on the cover of High Times. He says heís never done any drugs, but is still an advocate for their legality. When the folks at the magazine ask him to hold a bag of marijuana for the photo shoot, Penn explains that while heís an advocate for legalized pot it is in fact still illegal. The show then turns to Pork Fest, which is like Burning Man...but not? Iím all about a festival celebrating the wonders of fatty, unctuous, pork.

One of my favorite anecdotes shared in this episode is about Bitcoin. Someone long ago gave Penn a card with a link to some Bitcoins on it, but he filed it away in a junk drawer. Not in a neglectful way, just in a ďI donít really get what this is, although it seems interestingĒ kind of way. Years later when a Bitcoin is worth a lot of money, Pennís wife finds the card and discovers the link to where the Bitcoin has expired. Being the tenacious woman she is, she gets in touch with the guy who gave Penn the original Bitcoin and the man agrees to sell a few for a very reasonable price. Itís a lesson in never letting something new you donít understand slip through the cracks, and also how you should never fuck with a manís wife when money is on the line. She will grab hold like Chomper sicking balls.

Like all Sunday School episodes the talking points vacillate between irreverent stances on being a bit effeminate when youíre larger than 6í2Ē and serious exploration of the clean water issue in Virginia. Penn is a libertarian, and proudly so, but heís also very realistic about who he is. He never claims to do anything that he doesnít actually do. So while he may make a political or social statement with his podcast, if heís too afraid to act on something heíll say so. Itís refreshing for someone to be so bare with his beliefs and feelings, when so many talking heads in politics are there simply for the paycheck and sound bite.

Pennís Sunday School is one of the most interesting casual discussion podcasts out there, especially concerning the everyday world of politics. Itís not anywhere near a political show, but is at its best when Penn begins preaching the love of his beliefs.
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