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As with most episodes of Smartest Man In The World the show starts on a lighthearted note, and its here where you decide if you find Greg charming or insufferable. He riffs on some new glasses, makes esoteric references about the original Alien film, and informs the audience of some memorable anniversaries for 2014. Including the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation.

One of the best lines of the episode comes at the beginning where Greg chides an audience member, and you prepare for the tongue thrashing you so richly desire. “Stop talking,” he starts before finishing with, “Oh, you’re just ordering.” This leads immediately into a standard joke for the show where Greg orders his ubiquitous, “vodka flavored vodka drink.” What makes “Buzzers” such a fine episode of Smartest is that it is chockablock full of Greg’s idiosyncrasies. Often you get a handful of them each episode, but this time around they’re all on display.

The Proopmeister sings often, dispenses with much needed knowledge, and spends a good amount of time with the “boring preachy part” of the show. A section that typically runs the length of its own podcast, thus giving you nearly two podcasts for the price of one. Think of all the savings! See, like radio, podcasts are typically a free show for the listener. Greg also talks at length in “Buzzers” about one of his favorite topics: baseball. Oh yeah, he loves it beyond all measure and the San Fran Giants in particular. If you thought Smartest was just about politics and smart shit you won’t understand, stick around for in-depth baseball talk. Even as someone who finds baseball an absolute chore to endure, the talking points are somehow scintillating.

What you have to understand about a typical Smartest Man In The World podcast episode is that they are often overly long. Even an avid listener of the medium will be pushed to the limits with the verbose nature of Greg’s assertions. The section on the Giants is fascinating, but lasts for so long that you find it trying. It’s the one weak spot in an otherwise brilliant show. If this were a monthly podcast it’d be easier to endure. After all, I gladly take in the many hour Hardcore History podcast episodes as they’re so infrequent. But Smartest happens almost every week, and when you’ve heard Greg analyse the verisimilitude of corporate sports team owners shitting on the little guy who comes to the sporting events a dozen times, it’s difficult to not lose focus. Many topics I agree with him on, especially his feminist rants, and even then I find my finger hovering over that “skip 15 seconds” button my iPhone.

Smartest Man In The World is a show worth listening to each week, but actually is better to catch now and again. That way you don’t get overexposed to Mr. Proops’ fastidious stance on his passions.



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