I was a hotel and restaurant major for all of ten weeks. Well, okay, two years; but in that time I only took one class. I had about as much desire to work in foods as I did to wear a Dodgers hat while swinging a rally monkey; in other words, I’d rather be dead. This was in part due to the fear that I would make no money and work far too much; of course I then proceeded to move into journalism, so laugh at your own leisure. The real reason was the only way to be successful as a chef somewhere other than a TGI Fridays was to be a fucking genius or some other such prodigy. I’m not an artist, I drew in dot-to-dot books. Ferran Adria is a genius, and he is the head chef at one of the world’s most famous restaurants - a restaurant that is sadly closing.

The Global Post has the story on the restaurant, one of the few to achieve a three star rating from Michelin (not the tire company, apparently). Adria is adamant that the restaurant is not closing, just transforming into a “food laboratory” of sorts. El Bulli (the bulldog) will reopen in 2014 and “besides functioning as a food laboratory for the best chefs from around the globe, the foundation will be open to public and will post new recipes from its chefs’ discoveries online every day.”

Adria can now focus full-time on his experimental cooking, as opposed to the annual six-month sojourn around the world he would take while the restaurant was closed. It’s certainly an exciting time for the great chef, and while the superrich will mourn the restaurant’s closure, the rest of us can look forward to weird recipes we can try at home. Or at the very least recipes we can give up on halfway through to grab some pizza instead.



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