Portugal. The Man (period intended) is the best rock group around today that you’ve never heard of. But that is all about to change. Since the band's move to major label Atlantic Records back in April 2010, they've been hard at work on their highly anticipated new album In The Mountain In The Cloud. Today, June 6th IFC.com released a new ‘long form’ music video for the band's first two singles off their new record.

Titled Sleep Forever, the video features main singer John Baldwin Gourley dog sledding in his native Alaska when the trip goes terribly wrong. The two songs in the film are “Sleep Forever,” and “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now).” Take a look:

The majestic landscapes of Alaska, home to group members John Gourley and Zachary Scott Carothers, dominate the video as a way of demonstrating pride in their northern roots. The unexpected ending is true to the band's unique sensibility towards irony.

Portugal’s front man explains his inspiration for the video and his deep love for Alaska this way:
My parents are dogsled mushers. My dad ran the Iditarod five or six times. He was one of the judges on the Iditarod. Mom and Dad ran together and also did the Yukon Quest. I was raised around these dogs and dog mushing… I remember riding my bike or four-wheeler or walking out into the woods, and you'll find these undeveloped subdivisions with a house built out of palettes and green house material, randomly in a lot. You don't know if they own the lot or if they're just there. There are a lot of places like that of people just out in the woods. It's one of my favorite parts of Alaska, and also one of the most terrifying when you're a little kid--walking through the woods and stumbling upon it. We wanted to write that story and not actually have this hunter come after me but obviously fall and shoot myself.

In John’s interview with IFC, he also explains that during their filming of the video, he and the director spent days in -20 to -50 degree weather. It's all in the name of art. This is a band unlike any other on the "indie" scene.

It's taken 6 years and 7 albums, but at long last, right now it seems as though Portugal is on the very verge of success. Watch for their new album In The Mountain In The Cloud, which comes out in stores July 19th.

In case you were wondering who they are:

Portugal's music is as eclectic as their Alaskan home. Check out clips from the new album embedded below and for more on the band visit their official site. You won’t be disappointed:



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