Nerds come from all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and job descriptions. That’s why it comes to no surprise that US president Bill Clinton is a film buff. The former president is not only a fan of movies like the A-Team, but he also loves director Todd Phillips comedies’ The Hangover and Old School. President Clinton likes Vegas bachelor party movies and Will Ferrell singing Dust in the Wind? Awesome.

In a recent interview with Todd Phillips, The Hangover director explains how Clinton is an avid film buff, and why he watches so many movies. He says: “(Clinton) is a fan not only of The Hangover but movies in general…The guy flies every day all over the world, and they watch movies on the plane. He just loves movies.”

According to Phillips, the 42nd president likes The Hangover so much, when he was in Bangkok for a speech he dropped by The Hangover part 2 set to have lunch with the cast and crew. Of course the media ’assumed’ our former president was the top-secret cameo for the latest installment of the film; but we tend to make assumptions like that. Bradley Copper was recently asked about the apparent Clinton cameo in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and he explains:

There's a simple explanation: Clinton was coming to Bangkok to give a speech, and we were honored enough to have dinner with him afterward. Somebody saw the guys from The Hangover with Bill Clinton and it just became this whole thing.
Not only is our former president a film buff, but he's also a saxophonist and a fluzzy. It makes you think what President George W. Bush does on his Saturday night, right?



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