A little more than two weeks ago, married Congressman Anthony Weiner sent the now infamous photo of his erect penis to a female follower on Twitter. Initially, he blamed unspecified hackers, but as more photos emerged, the forty-six year old New Yorker relented and owned up to the hilarious and sophomoric sex scandal.

Anyone else would have resigned by now. They would have been out the door and in public relations therapy even before Opie And Anthony aired their most graphic laundry, but this son of a bitch is sticking it out come hell or uncensored boner. Earlier today, Speaker Of The House John Boehner called for his resignation. Last week, Nancy Pelosi did the same, but even with both major parties begging him to leave town, he’s decided to take a brief sabbatical to seek treatment. Afterwards, he’ll retake his seat in the House of Representatives.

He’s like the Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae. Better yet, he’s like George Costanza, sticking it out at Play Now even after his bosses found out he wasn’t handicapped. Is it baseless, selfish and perhaps even immoral for him to stand his ground? Probably. But he’s looking out for number one and desperately counting on the short-term memory of most American voters. So, all this begs the question: are you actually impressed by his determination or are you disgusted and hoping he resigns immediately? Let us know by voting in the poll below…

Are You Impressed By Anthony Weiner's Willingness To Stick It Out?



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