After the infamous From The Basement sessions with producer Nigel Godrich, Radiohead premiered two new songs for fans to revel over. The tracks are “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase.” Following the release of King of Limbs earlier this year, the electronic rock band have been busy at work. Since then, they’ve played at the Glastonbury festival and have been working on a new album which is still untitled. According to Spinner, fans will recognize “The Daily Mail” from a Thom Yorke solo show, in Radiohead's hometown of Oxford, last year where he premiered the song. In addition to Yorke, the rest of his band also accompanied him in playing these new songs live, in a recorded performance that was debuted on the French channel Canal +. With the popularity of this performance, the BBC has bought the rights to the studio rendition. They intend to air it on syndicated networks in the near future.

There are plenty of bands to get excited about when new music comes from their studios. Portugal. The Man, Muse, MGMT, The Mars Volta and Radiohead are among the select bands, for me at least, that are always coming out with interesting and fresh material. I’m an avid fan and promoter of Portugal. The Man, but nothing heads obsession more than a Radiohead junkie. If you talk to a Thom Yorke fan boy, they act as if there is no other band on the face of the planet that can create music like he and the other radio boys.

Even though their fanbase is a bit crazy, I can understand. Radiohead does make good music. Though when listening to their new record King of Limbs, I was sort of underwhelmed at the fact that not a lot has changed as far as different sounding songs. Sure, Yorke is the front man of this band and his subsequent members gather most of their creative drive from him, but to keep on treading in the same territory of Electronic rock can be quite repetitive, even though most of their hard core fans dig it. I’m not saying Limbs is a bad record, but I sure hope they continue to explore more of their extremely creative mind, so that they come up with something as unique as Kid A in the future.




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