Rick Ross is in stable condition in a Birmingham, Alabama hospital after a bizarre and scary day. The rapper was scheduled to perform on Friday night in Memphis, but shortly after his flight took off, he suffered a seizure. The plane quickly turned back, and once on the ground, medical personnel rushed him to a Fort Lauderdale hospital. The musician remained there for a few hours before he checked out and boarded another plane to catch his concert. Unfortunately, once aboard, Ross suffered a second seizure.

According to TMZ, the second incident occurred on a private jet about a half an hour after takeoff. When the crew was made aware of his condition, the pilot performed an emergency landing in Birmingham where he was rushed to the hospital for a second time.

As of press time, no one with extensive knowledge beyond the basic parameters of the story has spoken publicly, which means what exactly happened is still a matter of debate. First on the minds of most fans is the question of why Ross was released from the first hospital. No doubt doctors did their best with the information they had at their disposal, but it’s always sad to see someone go to the hospital twice in one day.

Pop Blend would like to send out its thoughts and well wishes to Rick Ross at this time. I’m sure Memphis fans were disappointed by his inability to perform earlier this evening, but right now, everything needs to take a back seat to Ross’ health. Here’s to hoping he makes a full recovery and returns to Tennessee to give fans one hell of a show whenever he feels up to it.



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