Robert Downey Jr And Wife Expecting Child

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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At forty-six, Robert Downey Jr may not be the most ideal candidate for fatherhood, but it certainly seems as if the charming A-list actor will be better prepared this time around. He and wife Susan are expecting their first child together, seventeen years after Iron Man co-authored his one other next of kin Indio. From stardom to rehab to one of the biggest actorís in Hollywood, Downey Jr has transformed his public image a slew of times in the past; so, donít expect the transition into taking care of a newborn to be too much trouble.

In a statement given to People, a spokesman for the couple said the pair are overjoyed and canít wait to welcome the new addition into the family. While filming Due Date, Downey Jr admitted kids were likely on the horizon, though at the time he openly pined for a little girl, jokingly saying he didnít need another male to compete with. Something tells me he wonít be making any serious statements about his preferred sex anytime soon. Then again, publicly speculating on his behavior has never really been a science.

Pop Blend would like to send out its congratulations to both Robert and Susan. People talk a lot about what age children are best had at, but the most important element of any reproduction is the desire to offer time, energy and attention. Iím sure the Downeyís will prove wonderful parents to the forthcoming child, even if he does ultimately provide a little healthy competition for his dad.
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