Acclaimed actor Robin Williams got married on Sunday to longtime girlfriend Susan Schneider. The successful graphic designer met the comedian following an illness a few years ago. The pair started dating almost immediately, and they’ve been together ever since. This marks Williams’ third trip down the alley. At sixty, we’ll go ahead and hope this will be his last.

The festivities reportedly went down at Meadowood in Napa Valley, a luxury resort apt to hold elegant, formal events such as this wedding. The full guest list has not been made public, but according to The San Francisco Chronicle, acclaimed directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were both in attendance. Judging by Williams’ long Hollywood resume, it seems likely they were joined by plenty of other famous faces.

Williams has three grown children from his two other marriages ranging in age from twenty-eight to nineteen. Daughter Zelda took to Twitter to gush about the event; so, apparently, at least one-third of his children approve. I’m not surprised. They seem the right age where a parent remarrying isn’t a huge deal, and with a wonderful job and bright career of her own, it definitely seems Schneider is wedding for the right reasons.

Pop Blend would like to send out its congratulations to the happy couple. May they spend the rest of their days making movies, designing cool shit and enjoying each other’s company.



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