Rocker Paul Weller Designs For Liam Gallagher's Clothing Line

By Celeb Stink 6 years ago
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Rocker Paul Weller has joined the creative team behind Liam Gallagher's Pretty Green clothing label after proposing his design ideas to the Oasis star.

Gallagher launched the trendy fashion line last summer (Jun09) and his jackets and sweaters have become must-have items in his native U.K.

Weller reveals he is one of Pretty Green's celebrity fans and he's been in talks with the Wonderwall hitmaker to incorporate some of his own fashion concepts. He says, "I've got designs for suits, jackets, shoes - I've been talking to Liam about them. It's the same principle as what he (Gallagher)'s doing, really - stuff I'd wear myself."

And Weller has good reason to get involved in Pretty Green - Gallagher named the label after the veteran star's song of the same name, which was recorded with his former band The Jam. (MT/WNWCNM/IG)

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