A David Lee Roth imposter faces obstruction of justice charges after convincing police in Ontario he was the real Van Halen frontman.

Two Canadian police officers claimed they helped to save the rocker's life last month (Jun08) after finding him suffering from anaphylactic shock in a car by the side of a highway. The man they found in trouble told them he was Lee Roth, explaining he had suffered a severe allergic reaction to a nutty snack.

But the baffled rock star released a statement last week (ends11Jul08) explaining he isn't allergic to anything - and the cops had the wrong guy. His comments prompted Ontario officials to launch an investigation into the mix up.

And one local police spokesman claims the doppelganger has "scammed a lot of people" and now faces charges for giving a false name to cops.

Meanwhile, new reports suggest the faux Roth discharged himself from hospital, before police realised they had been fooled, and was spotted partying at a Hamilton, Ontario nightclub hours after the cops found him in distress. (KL/RS)

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