Rumor Has It Lamar Odom Is A Drug Addict, Do You Buy It?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Lamar Odom might come across as a loveable and extremely affable dude on all the Kardashian-related reality programs, but apparently, his demeanor has been a little less rosy at certain points over the past few years. Rumors are swirling that the former NBA sixth man of the year who rapidly and for unexplained reasons got a whole lot worse at basketball has been on and off drugs for the past few years.

According to TMZ, Khloe Kardashian and her family members surprised Odom with an intervention on Wednesday. They were reportedly hoping to get the former Clipper into rehab as soon as possible, but he apparently had none of it, which didnít sit well with his wife. She reportedly told him to seek help immediately or pack up his shit and go, and he promptly went with the latter choice.

The exact timeline of Lamarís alleged drug abuse isnít completely clear, but a general outline has emerged. Apparently, Odomís recreational drug abuse turned into a far more serious problem last summer after he was basically run out of Dallas for being out of shape and looking disinterested. In August, Khloe allegedly forced him into rehab and hired two private investigators to stand guard on the door to make sure he didnít bolt. It worked for a few weeks, but he reportedly bolted before his month was up. Later, he was able to sober up enough to get through the season and actually contribute to the Clippers playoff run, but in the time since, he supposedly spiraled off the rails.

All of this, however, is pure speculation at this point. Neither Odom nor anyone from the Kardashian family has spoken publically about this alleged addiction, and you could fill a fucking mansion with different tabloids filled with completely false stories about the NBA playerís relationship with his immediate and extended family. Sure, his behavior has been a little weird lately, but that doesnít mean heís doing hard drugs. I mean, for the love of God, there really havenít been very many publically exposed NBA drug problems since the glory days of rampant coke use in the 1970s.

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