The question of stem cell research is a hot topic across the United States -- no question. Celebrities and civilians alike have their opinions, but nobody has more opinions than the neocon talker Rush Limbaugh.

Rush opened a major can of worms by critiquing the level of affliction suffered by actor Michael J. Fox, who has been very public with his struggle with Parkinson's Disease. A condition that is often marked with tremors and shaking, Fox has been an outspoken advocate for the study of using stem cells to fight, and perhaps eradicate, illnesses such as his. And in Missouri, Claire McCaskill, a Democrat challenger for a state Senate seat, has campaigned to champion the science in question. Michael J. saw fit to lend his fame to fight for the cause.

The man, physically ravaged by his disorder, spoke candidly about his hope that McCaskill would speed the engines driving the research. Exhibiting severe shaking and stiffness, Fox makes quite a case.

That is, unless he's FAKING IT.

Now who might challenge him on what his diagnosed disease might REALLY be doing to him? That would be Rush, a man who calls it like he sees it, or he thinks it. Apparently, in defiance of what we've publicly seen happening to Mike Fox, regardless of what doctors, studies and medical textbooks claim Parkinson's Disease does to one's body, Limbaugh claims to know the real deal: that Michael J. Fox played up his symptoms in the political spot to garner votes. Broadcasting live behind the golden mic, he made that accusation during last Tuesday's show. However, the neo-con man quickly apologized, stating that he may be jumping to conclusions, and that if Fox is not faking, then he's sorry...but he still thinks it's wrong that someone who has a disease so obvious would use it to promote finding a cure.




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