The Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office has already ruled former Real Housewives star Russell Armstrong died via suicide, but his family is apparently having no part of that official cause of death. They’ve hired a private investigator to get to the bottom of what really happened, and their theory involves a retaliation conspiracy from a business deal that went south.

It’s no secret that Russell Armstrong was in a state of fiscal emergency when he died. According to family members, he spent lavishly to try to keep up with the other Real Housewives cast members, and that reckless budget, coupled with a lawsuit seeking over a million dollars, put a horrible strain on his already depleting finances. The specifics of the lawsuit are pretty complicated, but basically, Russell was the CEO of a company called NuWay Digital Systems that had acquired a stake in burgeoning .com MyMedicalRecords. Armstrong supposedly tricked investors into putting money in NuWay by claiming the money was actually going into MyMedicalRecords. An undisclosed settlement was reached when the controversy first arose, but Armstrong was slapped with another lawsuit for breaking the initial agreement.

How exactly this may have led to murder is unclear, but sources told TMZ, the family believes an immediate need for money may have caused Armstrong to reach out to the wrong types of people. The conspiracy seems a bit far-fetched, but without a suicide note, the family was left trying to put the pieces together. It seems unlikely this private investigator will find any tangible links to murder, but if this is what they need to find peace, then the Armstrong’s need to do what they need to do.



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