It’s been two days since the body of Real Housewives star Russell Armstrong was found, and neither his surviving family members nor Bravo has any idea what to do next. The show was supposed to premiere its upcoming season in September, but after numerous media reports have surfaced claiming Armstrong partially blamed Real Housewives for the decline of his marriage and his unhappiness, it seems bizarre to return it to the air so soon after the businessman’s suicide.

In addition to questions of taste, Bravo might be facing a lawsuit as well. Armstrong’s stepbrother Wade Jackson gave an interview to Radar Online earlier today in which he said the family is strongly considering legal action. “I’m sure somebody will sue (Bravo). (They’re) at fault and somebody needs to pay.”

My heart goes out to Russell’s surviving family members, but with all due respect, no, someone does not need to pay. Like everyone else on Real Housewives, Russell signed up for exactly what he got into. No one made him fight with his wife, just as no one made him engineer the shady business dealings that later got him sued. You make choices in life, and if those choices don’t work out, that’s on you. I know it sucks to blame a dead person, but Russell Armstrong reaped what he sowed. He chose to end his life, and that decision lies at his own feet.

I guarantee Bravo has extensive contracts on file covering this sort of thing that Armstrong himself signed. Any potential lawsuit would be laughed out of court, just as it should be.

Once again, Pop Blend would like to send out its thoughts and sympathies to all those affected by this tragedy that aren’t trying to exploit it for monetary gain. According to E Online, that group would include both of Russell’s parents who released a statement through their lawyer saying they personally will not take up legal action.




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