Russell Brand Not Wearing His Wedding Ring Either

By Mack Rawden 4 years ago
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Russell Brand and his wife Katy Perry spent Christmas apart. She was in Hawaii, and he was in London. The distance proved to be more than enough fuel for rumors of a problem in the marriage. Initially, many observers wrote off the speculation as unfounded, but over the past few days, enough ammunition has been uncovered to make the hype seem believable.

First, US Weekly quoted an insider as saying the time apart was the byproduct of a massive fight between the two over his respect for her parents. Then, Perry was photographed on the beach without her wedding ring. As some women swim and exercise without their jewelry on, this wasnít necessarily a concern, but now Brand has been photographed without his ring on too. As he wasnít swimming at the time, this is a huge red flag.

According to The Daily Mail, the comedian spent today shopping in London and socializing with fans. He even took a break to take a picture with a young woman, in which he seemed perfectly at ease despite the fact that he was sans wedding ring.

His behavior this morning was quite the contrast from Kobe Bryantís over the past few days as heís been dealing with his own marital problems. The Lakers forward has looked positively devastated every time heís been seen off the court, which strikes me as the way someone should probably react when his marriage is dangling by the thread. Maybe thatís evidence thereís really no problems within Brandís marriage, or maybe his seemingly flippant behavior is evidence of just how many problems there are. Either way, Pop Blend wishes he and his wife nothing but the best whether it be together or ultimately apart.
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