Goddamn Hollywood and its incessant revolving door relationships. My favorite celebrity couple Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have called it quits. The most hilarious duo since Hitler and Eva Braun dated for five years but issued a joint statement today saying they’d separated amicably. How sad.

According to Vanity Fair, reps for the couple confirmed the break-up, saying, “Jimmy and Sarah have and will have no further comment.” I know it’s really none of my business--at all--but I really feel like I need more of an explanation. I was emotionally invested in this relationship damnit!

I know every couple says they’re break-up was mutual and it’s always bullshit and they never remain friends ever, but something tells me these two might end up going on double dates--sort of like a less creepy Bruce Willis and Demi Moore thing. Who knows? Check back for any updates on a possible backslide, as well as to console me for the loss of my favorite it couple.



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