Scarlett Johansson is a very attractive woman. I know this both because I have eyes and because I've heard at least four different people explain to me why she's their dream girl. Ryan Reynolds is a very attractive man. I too know this because I have eyes and because I've heard at least four people explain to me why he'd make an ideal husband. On paper, it seemed like the marriage between these two should have been perfect, but alas, the whole thing crumbled less than five years in. For most women, losing a Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Reynolds-like man would be devastating, but Scarlett Johansson immediately bounced into a brief something-is-going-on-here with Sean Penn and now she may be on to The Hangover and National Treasure star Justin Bartha.

The New York Post has been all over this relationship in development, citing a recent cast dinner for Bartha's play All New People in which the pair flirted up a storm all night. Other witnesses also spotted the two at a karaoke bar in New York, once again flirting up a storm. Her rep has denied the budding relationship, but regardless of what's really happening, that's to be expected with any new Hollywood relationships, especially ones occurring so soon after a divorce.

Whether Bartha and Johansson are dating or not, the situation still offers an interesting question about who's the more ideal partner. Reynolds is more muscular and more famous, but Bartha seems a bit more down to earth and attractive in a sort of manboy kind of way. I'm told some girls are into that. So, who's the better man? Is Ryan Reynolds the bigger catch or is she potentially making an improvement with Justin Bartha? Sound off in the poll below…

Who's The Better Man?

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