Scarlett Johansson And Ryan Reynolds Officially Divorce

By Jacob Sundstrom 5 years ago
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Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are now officially over. The ex-couple filed their final divorce papers in Los Angeles and can finally start hitting their favorite speed dating bars again. The couple first married in September of 2008, so the losers couldnít even make it three years before calling it quits; this means they missed out on the leather anniversary, which is a real bummer. Thereís nothing more romantic than exchanging a couple of leather belts after eating a tough, rubbery steak.

TMZ broke the news, citing sources that claim the divorce was amicable. So basically, they got bored of each other and decided to see other people. It kind of makes one wonder why they got married in the first place; I just donít see how you can have an amicable divorce three years into a marriage without bringing up questions about why the marriage happened to begin with. Granted, itís not like only celebrities rush into marriages with people they donít know that well, but these people are beautiful, rich, and famous -- so yeah, theyíre easier targets.

The divorce papers were submitted by Reynoldís lawyer Laura Wasser, and since there was no prenup they divided the property and earnings accumulated over the time of their marriage. The couple didnít have any kids, so now we all move along because thereís nothing to see here.
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