Schwarzenegger Honored With Museum In Austria

By Mack Rawden 2011-10-07 13:16:44
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For most people, being recognized in a museum or being enshrined in a hall of fame would be the pinnacle of personal achievement, but Austrians have given local hero Arnold Schwarzenegger a much greater honor. His boyhood home has been converted into a shrine honoring the actor and politician, and the man himself was on hand to thank his fans for the kind reception. Despite a healthy dose of rain, hundreds braved the weather and listened as the Terminator gave a speech imploring Austrians to think of the museum, not as a recognition of his work but as a testament to achievement and force of will.

His words may not have gone over as well in America where Schwarzenegger’s approval ratings have fallen through the roof after his admitted affair and break-up with longtime wife Maria Shriver, but according to The Associated Press, the former Governor is still very popular in Austria. In fact, it took bodyguards and a sizeable effort to even clear Arnold’s path to the stage as chants of “Arnie, Arnie, Arnie” welcomed him back to the village of Thal.

The museum has been open since July, but Schwarzenegger’s speech coincided with the unveiling of a statue depicting the former bodybuilder during his Mr. Universe phase. The bronze artwork is eight feet tall, and it will welcome visitors at the front of the museum. It’s one of seven recently produced by an American company, but it’s unclear where the other six might eventually find residence.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his share of mistakes, but I expect his popularity to rise again in the next few years. By all accounts, his relationship with his family seems to be improving, and he and his wife had committed to living close together to ease the transition on their children.
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