Sharon Stone Is An Idiot

By Mack Rawden 8 years ago
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Exposing herself as foolish, ignorant, and short-sighted, Sharon Stone unleashed a short tirade on Cable Entertainment News of Hong Kong, calling the recent mega-earthquake a result of bad karma. Gee, if karma was responsible for that massacre, I wonder what was behind Basic Instinct 2. Oh, thatís right: having no other scripts to chose from.

Donít get me wrong, I think China is a piece of shit government with bad intentions and worse leaders, but only a nut job would insinuate a natural disaster was somehow caused by immoral behavior. Ohh wait! Most people in my own country seem to think God reigned hell, fire, and brimstone down from the heavens because the Sodomites fucked a few dudes in the ass. Forget this entire paragraph.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sharonís films have been banned by many Chinese theater companies, and numerous media outlets have called her comments inappropriate.

In case you were wondering, hereís what Sharon should have said: I just feel awful for the five million Chinese citizens who lost their homes. My thoughts go out to them, just as they go out to all the victims still suffering from the Chinese governmentís habitual human rights violations.

Update: Christian Dior Apologies For Sharon Stone.
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