Should Jane Lynch Be Given The Chance To Host The Emmys Again?

By Mack Rawden 5 years ago
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The ratings for last nightís Emmy Awards are already in, and the ceremony looks to have slightly underperformed. It was watched by a little more than twelve million people, which was down slightly less than ten percent from last yearís broadcast. Thatís far from a disaster, though clearly not what Fox was hoping for. Still, the talk of the town today has been Jane Lynchís turn as host. The reviews are decidedly mixed with some critics embracing her as one of the best emcees in years, and others calling her below average. At times, her material was sorely lacking, but when she operated off the cuff, she seemed to be a lot more comfortable.

Ordinarily, the choice for any awards show producer is between a stand-up comedian and an actor. With her years of improv, Jane Lynch straddles the line between those two camps, and I think the fruits of that were seen in her comfortableness in the taped segments coupled with her ability to work off prompter. Some of the gags didnít quite work, but those that fell short definitely did not do so because of the comedienne herself. Based on the ratings, offered up a few hours ago by Reuters, it seems unlikely Lynch will be asked back in the near future, but Iím not sure she deserves to be placed on the never again list. With a yearís experience under her belt, I think Jane Lynch could actually develop into a strong host. Sheís no Bob Hope, but itís not like heís waiting in the wings.

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Would You Like To See Jane Lynch Host The Emmys Again?


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