Should Simon Cowell Apologize For Impregnating Friend's Wife?

By Mack Rawden 3 years ago
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Earlier today, news broke that X Factor judge Simon Cowell is having a baby with New York socialite Lauren Silverman. Given the fifty-three-year-oldís slow warming to the possibility of kids over the past few years, the impending bundle of joy was first greeted with great excitement. Once more details emerged, however, a lot of observers didnít quite know what to feel.

Silverman has long been considered Cowellís best friend in New York City. The two spend an incredible amount of time together, but until recently, a lot of that time was spent alongside real estate mogul Andrew Silverman, who is both Simonís good friend and Laurenís now estranged husband. At the beginning of the year, the rift in the Silvermanís marriage reportedly sharpened, which caused the famous judge to spend more time with his female friend. Obviously, that time together manifested into something beyond friendship.

Rumors about the two possibly dating began very early in 2013, but the pitch never elevated above whispers. As recently as December, he admitted he was seeing Carmen Electra, who was yet another in a long string of beautiful women. Consequently, no one really thought the Silverman gossip had any real merit to it, especially since she was still married. Clearly, there was a real connection there, however, and itís very possible this could prove to be it for Cowell moving forward, which would be a total curveball no one saw coming.

Obviously, there are reasons to be very excited for Simon and Lauren, who is reportedly already a mother of one. Despite his curmudgeonly exterior, Cowell will likely be a great father. Heís long shown an occasional sincereness, and if he can convince himself to work a little less, heíll be exactly what this child needs. Besides, itíll be nice to see him not man whoring around for once, and she's apparently ecstatic about her new relationship.

On the other hand, however, there are reasons to be uneasy about this whole thing. Even if Simon was a lot closer to Lauren, he was still, by all accounts, friends with Andrew. Whether he gave the TV personality permission to see his wife or not, thereís still something extremely shady about taking your mateís estranged wife to bed. Itís not like theyíre all in high school and the Silvermanís dated for a few weeks. A ten year marriage brings with it an incredible number of insecurities, happy memories, jealousies and long-lasting bonds, which is why part of me wonders whether Simon needs to call Andrew up and apologize.

What do you think? Is the joy of impending fatherhood counterbalanced by the awkwardness of doing it with a friend's wife? Should he reach out and try to clear the air? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll belowÖ

Should Simon Apologize?


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