Far be it from me to make excuses for anyone violating conditions of his parole, but this has to be the most absurd overreaction I have ever heard. Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris is back in a federal penitentiary because officers were none too pleased about the mode of transportation he took to his assigned halfway house. Newly released prisoners are required to let officials known how they’ll be escorted to their supervised probation locations, and T.I. apparently wrote van where he should have put tour bus.

According to TMZ, US Marshalls were sent to the halfway house to haul the rapper back to jail, but they were given a very cold reception by the head of the group home. He was reportedly irate T.I. would be incarcerated over such a minor offense, and to be quite honest, I have to agree with him.

Prison officials are hiding behind this paperwork miscue to explain why they re-arrested T.I., but I think the real reason is pretty clear. Living in a halfway house is supposed to be serious business. Taking a tour bus to such an establishment kind of mocks the entire process, but while it might be a slap in the face, there still shouldn’t be anything illegal about it. If T.I. was breaking curfew, spending millions turning his room into a nightclub and acting like an unrepentant asshole, I could see coming down hard, but the difference between that obnoxiousness and driving from Arkansas to Atlanta in celebratory style is very pronounced.

I think T.I. was treated too harshly for his minor offense, but what do you think? Was his tour bus trek worthy of an arrest? Sound off by voting in the poll below…

Should T.I. Have Been Arrested For Using His Tour Bus As Transportation?

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