In real life, questioning a woman about a possible pregnancy on a baby bump alone is terrible policy. The risk is just too great. You have to wait for her to bring it up, or ask the husband whether or not he’s interested in having more kids. As a man, I can attest to the fact we rarely suspect ulterior motives in domestic situations; so, it’s highly unlikely he would equate the conversation with you thinking his wife has started to look heavier. In internet world, speculating about baby bumps is common place and often reckless. A few weeks ago, How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan was rumored to be pregnant based exclusively on a picture where she looked all of five pounds bigger than usual, but she quickly denied the allegation and vowed never to wear the offending outfit again. Now the same talk is swirling around Fergie.

The Black-Eyed Peas singer was seen earlier tonight on stage in a leotard and black belt at the iHeartRadio music festival. The strange outfit on its own may not have been enough to arouse suspicion, but its coupling with news of an impromptu Peas hiatus has pushed Just Jared to ask the question. I’m not quite sure there’s enough here to push the chances at over fifty percent, but with the songstress’ recent marriage to Josh Duhamel, it seems likely kid probably will come within the next few years.

As of press time, neither Fergie nor her publicist have spoken one way or another, but we’ll bring you the answer when it becomes available.



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