Stephen King's 5 Best Lead Characters

By Steve West 2 years ago
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4. Stuart Redman - The Stand

While the narrative changes throughout The Stand, and Stuart is not the only major player in the story, itís always good olí Stu we come back to. Heís the one we follow morally, and heís the one the reader latches onto as the leader. Itís true that there may be people in the novel who are better than this man, although not many. The story of The Stand has a lot of metaphors and various meanings, but if you want to narrow this thing down: itís about a man who tries to stand for something good.

Perhaps Stu is a better character, or person, than some others higher on this list. Itís his goodness as a figurehead in a changing world that has landed Mr. Redman on the list at all. Unfortunately this epic tale is filled with characters, good and bad, who rival Stu for the role of most pivotal to the story. Calling Stuart Redman the lead character of The Stand is more of a feeling than actuality. When you read those last lines and realize that even after all heís been through and witnessed, even Stu isnít sure if mankind can learn its lesson.
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