Stephen King's 5 Best Lead Characters

By Steve West 2 years ago
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3. Paul Edgecombe - The Green Mile

The brilliance of Paul Edgecombe as a character is that he might be your grandfather. This man feels real. Better yet, he acts in a real manner. When he discovers what John Coffey can do, Paul uses it to get what he wants. He helps smuggle John out of prison so that he can cure the wardenís wife of cancer. Then allows Coffey to infect the evil Percy with the disease. Itís not the actions of a pure man, but of one who wants to do right.

Paul is a good person, but heís still a man with prejudices. The Green Mile is death row, and even Percy is going to die there. So thereís no reason to destroy the man. Thatís the journey Paul is on, to live in a world where you witness such gruesome and terrible things that you want to stop all the horrors. But you canít. Youíre just a man, except for one shining moment when maybe you can make a small difference in the world with the help of a giant black convict and a little magic.
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