The Shining is likely one of the most, if not the most respected horror films of all-time. It is one of the very few movies in the genre that has been accepted by the mainstream. Maybe it’s Stanley Kubrick’s direction, Jack Nicholson’s performance, Stephen King’s story, the creepy kid saying “REDRUM!” or a combination of them all. Well now, those last two elements are getting back together for some horror hijinx.

CNN is reporting that King is currently working on a sequel to his 1977 novel-turned-movie starring Danny Torrance, the boy with the “Shining.” King recently read excerpts from the novel, Dr. Sleep at George Mason University. The new story sees Danny, now 40 years old, working in New York at a hospice and using his powers to help ease patients into the afterlife.

Oh yeah, and there’s vampires. Sort of. Apparently Danny’s going to be up against a group of vampire-like people who feast on powers like his Shining. So I guess nobody has to worry about the sequel being an unoriginal re-tread of the first.

Talk of the sequel to the novel will inevitably lead to talk of a film sequel. But could this premise, the lack of Kubrick, and most likely Jack, give such a movie any chance to stand up to the 1980 original? While purists probably would shout blasphemy about such an effort, it’s still got the name value of both Stephen King and The Shining and therefore it most certainly would be looked at for a film adaptation. But if it’s anything like another King book/possible movie, The Dark Tower, it might be a little while.

The book itself is actually going to be a while too. King is releasing 11/22/63 first, on November 8. There’s no word on how far the author is into the process of Dr. Sleep, but check out this video to see him reading an excerpt.



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