Just a day after news broke Steve Jobs would not be Time’s Person of the Year, Barbara Walter’s decided to name the Apple co-founder and wealthy entrepreneur her most fascinating person of 2011. While it’s not really as cool to be lauded by Barbara Walters as it would be to be on the cover of the best Time magazine of the year, the praise keeps coming in for Jobs.

Now, it seems the Apple founder has earned himself a posthumous Grammy. If you are wondering what Steve Jobs really had to do with music, the answer is nil. However, Jobs had a lot to do with technology with the iPod, iTunes, and even other mobile devices like the iPhone all giving listeners unique ways to hear music. Because of this, the Grammy committee believes Jobs should earn one of its “Trustee Awards.”

Jobs will be one of a dozen people to earn a “Trustee Award” Grammy. According to The Chicago Tribune, the honorary music awards will be given out on February 11, the day before the Grammy ceremony airs. I don’t know how much a Grammy would have meant to Jobs, but it seems like the type of thing he would have received with good nature and respect. It certainly beats the heck out of Barbara Walters thinking you are the bee’s knees.

Unfortunately, audiences won’t get to tune in for the “Trustee Award” presentation. However, hopefully we’ll get to hear about it when CBS airs the 54th annual Grammy Awards on February 12.



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