Steven Tyler And Long-Term Girlfriend Are Probably Engaged

By Jessica Grabert 4 years ago
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It may always be fun when engagements are finally announced, but secret engagements are so much more exciting, even when it may be coming from 62 year-old Steven Tyler and his long term girlfriend Erin Brady, 38. Hey, they said third timeís a charm.

The couple recently went on a holiday vacation to the lovely Hawaii, assumedly to catch some sun and relax. They may have actually had a more relaxing time heading through airport security where Brady did not have a ring on her left hand. By the time the couple showed up in Maui, a large ring became visible on the proper finger. The couple have been together for five years. If they are indeed engaged, this will be Tylerís third marriage, after a stint with Cyrinda Fox and a later marriage to Teresa Barrick, a clothing designer.

It is a little suspect that Brady wasnít wearing a ring in the airport and then Ďvoilaí a diamond ring appeared on her finger a while later in Maui. I wonder if Tyler just felt the ring burning a hole in his pocket and finally asked her, or if she just wasnít wearing it in a slim attempt to keep the engagement quiet. If the latter is correct, apparently Tyler and Brady changed their minds because that sucker is prominent in some photos. You can check one out over at People.

Since the couple hasnít officially announced an engagement, itís probably best we donít get too excited, yet. Still, Pop Blend wishes the happy couple the best in whatever future endeavors come their way.
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