Super Bowl Half Time: Bruce Springsteen Always Rocks, Never Ages

By Joseph John Sanchez 2009-02-01 19:57:39
Just as we calmed down about’s Pepsi-supported destruction of Bob Dylan’s legacy, Bruce Springsteen stormed into our living rooms to shout about dropping chicken fingers and guacamole. All was forgiven when he launched into “10th Avenue Freeze Out”, much to the delight of the audience. Though those of us viewing from our “beautiful homes” were granted the privilege of seeing Bruce slide crotch-first into the camera, the crowd’s enthusiasm turned this into a total “had to be there” affair.

Complete with pyrotechnics, The Boss exchanged his on-stage frolicking for a guitar and launched into his classic track “Born To Run”. And while the inclusion of his first top 40 hit was inevitable, no one could be prepared for what followed—a Gospel choir assisted rendition of his latest album’s title track “Working on a Dream”. Okay, we should have seen it coming when Faith Hill opened with the very same choir, but what is this… an American Idol season finale? No complaints though. Gospel choirs automatically make everything better, and their presence was appropriate for such an inspirational cut.

Though the “Glory Days” finale was tarnished by a lame schtick with Steven Van Zandt about referees and overtime, the overall performance was astonishing. Springsteen is edging on sixty years, but he rocked the stage like he’s never been younger. I guess it’s true what Jack Donaghy said on 30 Rock--“Rich 50 is middle-class 38”. Isn’t it ironic that the champion of the blue-collar lifestyle brought this quote to life?

How do you think Bruce did?


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