Survivor host Jeff Probst has gotten married. The forty-nine-year-old tied the knot earlier this week in a private ceremony with Lisa Ann Russell. She’s nine years his junior, but to pop culture fans, that’s far from the most interesting characteristic about her. The forty-year-old was previously married to and had children with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, best known for playing Zack Morris on Saved By The Bell. That marriage went south about a year and a half ago, paving the way for her I-Do’s with Probst and his engagement to Catriona McGinn.

Like his new wife, Probst has also been married before, but he doesn’t have any children. She has two from the aforementioned relationship. According to People, the newlyweds will likely split custody with Gosselaar. If all goes well, they will all remain super involved.

Like Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race, Jeff Probst is incredibly skilled at hosting his particular reality competition series. Through that vehicle, he’s carved out a very nice life for himself, but rather than rest on his accomplishments, he’s planning to push forward in his professional life to accompany his personal life change. Next year, he’ll premiere a self-titled talk show, but the jury is still out on how that might fare.

Until then, Pop Blend wishes both Probst and Russell nothing but the best as they move forward as life partners. Here’s to hoping they share an island for more than just a few seasons.



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